Partner Programs

Acadiana Master Naturalists and Acadiana Master Naturalist-Birding

The purpose of the AMN Program is to educate Louisiana citizens about their flora and fauna, environment, ecosystem, and natural history. Each program consists of a 2-hour introduction and 10, 6-hour workshops.

The Acadiana Master Naturalists provide a program beginning in January and ending in late May or early June. Workshops will cover topics in the following categories: ecology, ecosystems, geology, plants, animals, astronomy and restoration.

The AMN-Birding program begins in July and ends in April the following year. This program is all about birds, how to identify by sight and sound, as well as habits that can help in identification. Field trips for this program will cover the Acadiana Parishes and Cameron parish so that we can find the most diverse species possible.

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Community Roots Project

The Community Roots project is a community-focused collaboration of Lafayette Consolidated Government, Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office, EarthShare Gardens, and neighborhood groups whose goal is to support the community-based management of community gardens in Lafayette Parish. Potential locations for these gardens include: schools, churches, non-profit property, and neighborhood lots.


  If you are interested in starting a garden in Lafayette Parish, contact EarthShare Gardens or Stacey Scarce.

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